TaskCluster is an open source CI solution that differs from other CI solutions in the following ways:

  • Task can be run on arbitrary platforms, against arbitrary system images
  • Tasks can be composed into task graphs to create arbitrary dependency topologies
  • Task graphs can be generated and extended dynamically, even as part of a task
  • Workers can be deployed anywhere, even on a toaster

It also provides the features you would expect from any world-class CI solution:

  • Exhaustive API metadata, serving client libraries and documentation
  • Authorization and Security via Hawk, HMAC signatures, authorization scopes, SSL transport
  • Centralised logging via papertrail
  • Metrics collection via influxdb
  • Linux containerisation via docker worker, arbitrary platform support via generic worker


I’m a Release Engineer working at Mozilla. Most recently I’ve joined the TaskCluster team, where I am currently working on the generic worker.